Who Is Using NeoDatis

JConcept is a Brazilian Consulting Company. Use NeoDatis ODB to develop different types of systems.

''The simplest way to persist objects"
- Olivier Smadja, Software Architect.

NovaDutra is a Brazilian Road Management Company.

Use NeoDatis ODB in embedded mode for inter-process object communications.

Tabula framework.

Uses NeoDatis ODB to build a Rest Editor and a Rest Server that automatically creates Service Layer from a simple Groovy class definition.

Kasper Hansen, Logiksyndikatet, Copenhagen - Denmark.
eseller_logo.png www.eselleronline.com.br

Online Commercial Representation System to manage Client requests, Products and Contacts.

Ferramenta online para representantes comerciais efetuarem pedidos e gerenciar seus dados como: Clientes, Produtos e Agenda de Contatos.


A Redmine application for Android

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