We are currently working on version 2 of NeoDatis. The new release will be a major update and will change many internal things, the main one being the ability to plug any storage engine. This will mean that you will be able to use different storage engines depending on your needs. This will give interesting features like Terabytes NeoDatis database (using Berkeley Database Java Edition as a storage engine, for example), or having NeoDatis to work as a distributed database in the Cloud! (using database for example).

New features of the version 2 include but are not limited to :

- sql support
- native object tagging
- distributed
- online backup
- efficient getLastXObjects
- limit depth of update/load
- object reference integrity
- Manage Collections, arrays and maps as independent objects with their own OID to enable more efficient management of collections, arrays and maps

The NeoDatis API should remain the same or very similar.

The .net version will continue as embedded and won't currently reflect theses changes.

NeoDatis team

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