Release 1.9

Status : Final

New Features

  • General
    • Pluggable Encryption
    • Polymorphic queries
    • Better Cyclic reference management
    • Better support for MacOSX
    • End of compatibility with JDK 1.4
    • Groovy support (guiherme gomes)
    • Scala support
    • Google Android support
    • Better XML import/export
    • Full Enum support
    • Generics support
    • JPA support from DataNucleus ( thanks to Andy Jefferson
  • API
    • Extended API for advanced Database functions
    • Disconnect objects from sesssion & reconnect objects to new sessions
    • Complete Index API(create, exist,delete, rebuild)
    • Instantiation and Parameter Helpers for helping ODB how to instantiate classes without default constructors
    • NeoDatis OIDs oidToString and oidFromString to easily use OIDs to references objects
    • Xml export of data with xml specific characters
    • odb.count(CriteriaQuery) to count objects using a query
    • Object Values API (
    • Instantiation and Parameter Helpers for helping NeoDatis to instantiate classes without default constructors
    • Better managenment of dynamic class loader
  • Object Explorer
    • Better Look & Feel using JGoodies
    • Added the ability to add a new field to a class in local mode in the refactoring menu
    • About dialog
  • Client Server
    • Client Server performance improvement
    • Better Server console monitor
    • Embedded Client Server : Better performance for web application
    • Client Server Triggers (Client side & server side)

The file format has changed from 1.8 to 1.9. If you are migrating from a previous version of NeoDatis ODB, it will be necessary to export(xml) the whole database with the old version and import with the new 1.9 version.

Check the PolePosition performance benchmark Here

Download : Here

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