Odb Layers

The ODB engine use 3 layers of abstraction to manage data:

  • Layer 2 : A meta representation of the objects and classes

Layers Big Picture


Layer 1: The instance layer

This layer works with Instances. This is the entry point of ODB. This layer is the user interface to ODB. It is implemented by the following package:


Here are the classes that actually convert data from one layer to another:

> Layer 1 to Layer 2 conversion
Class Description Source
org.neodatis.odb.core.introspector.ObjectIntrospector Uses reflection to transform an object into a NonNativeObjectInfo meta representation Browse
org.neodatis.odb.core.introspector.ClassIntrospector Uses reflection to transform a class into a ClassInfo meta representation Browse
> Layer 2 to Layer 1 conversion
Class Description Source
org.neodatis.odb.core.introspector.InstanceBuilder Transforms a NonNativeObjectInfo into an object. It is used when retrieving Objects. Browse
> Layer 2 to Layer 3 conversion
Class Description Source
org.neodatis.odb.core.io.ObjectWriter Writes a NonNativeObjectInfo to the database file Browse
> Layer 3 to Layer 2 conversion
Class Description Source
org.neodatis.odb.core.io.ObjectReader Reads the database file and creates a NonNativeObjectInfo Browse
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