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  • (06/03/2009) Db4O bought NeoDatis??** : Click here
  • (18/Dec/2008) NeoDatis ODB now works on Google Android : Google Android
  • (04/Nov/2008) First NeoDatis Odb public release for C# : [[[1-8-beta1-csharp|1.8 for C#]]]
  • (04/Oct/2008) NooDatis Odb is ready to work with Groovy Objects (Thanks to Guilherme Gomes) : NeoDatis & Groovy
  • (03/06/2008) NeoDatis ODB 1.9 beta 2 & JPA(JPOX) is available click here!
  • (05/05/2008) NeoDatis ODB 1.9 beta 1 is available click here!
  • (22/02/2008) NeoDatis ODB 1.8.1 has been released : click here!
  • (12/02/2008) NeoDatis ODB 1.8.0 (final) has been released : click here to try it!
  • (30/12/2007) NeoDatis ODB Object Values API : Check the new Query API that lets you retrieve object values instead of full objects. It can be very powerful for building reports.
  • (14/12/2007) NeoDatis ODB 1.8 beta 5 is out! click here to try it!

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