Net Port Initial Thoughts

.Net port is a work in progress yet (still defining the best way to do ). Here we try to explain how we plan to do.

The C# language is very similar to java language, so we believe that is it possible to automatically convert java source code to C# source code.

The idea is to build/use a converter from Java to C#.

Use or build a converter?

The Java Language Conversion Assistant from Microsoft. We have not tried it but we believe that as performance is so much important is this case that we should build a specific converter to be abble to tune performance and other aspects.

Exceptions to manage for the converter

> Equivalent classes

Many Java classes have their equivalent in C#. They may have different names and different method names, but this case may be resolved by a simple From/To equivalence. For very specific classes, we believe it will be necessary to write classes by hand as performance is one the most important point.

> The code conventions are different

  • classes names
  • method names

> The package syntax(java) and the namespace syntax(c#) are different##

> Some classes does not exist

In this case, they will have to be written in C# and will be part of the C# distribution.

Unit Testing

In Java, we use JUnit to unit test the ODB engine. We will have to convert these junits too. Maybe convert them to CSUnit.

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