Neodatis And Groovy

Thanks to Guilherme Gomes, NeoDatis Odb can be used to persist Groovy objects.

// Gets the Groovy ClassLoader
GroovyClassLoader gcl = new GroovyClassLoader();
// Gets a Groovy Engine
GroovyScriptEngine gse = new GroovyScriptEngine("", gcl);
// Sets the Groovy ClassLoader as the default NeoDatis Odb ClassLoader
// Loads Groovy classes in the Groovy ClassLoader
gcl.parseClass(new File("scripts\\Costumer.groovy"));

Click here to download a full working example and here to download the eclipse project with source code that demonstrates the use of NeoDatis with Groovy.

The full project of Guilherme can be found at Tabula

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