Indexes are implemented using BTree.

The package org.neodatis.btree is a generic BTree implementation.

The package org.neodatis.odb.core.btree is the ODB BTree implementation based on the generic implementation.

Indexe definitions are stored in ODB as normal objects of class org.neodatis.odb.core.meta.ClassInfoIndex (This class is marked as a system class).

Index content is stored in ODB as org.neodatis.odb.core.btree.ODBBTree and org.neodatis.odb.core.btree.ODBBTreeNode.

The default degree of the BTree can be configured using the org.neodatis.odb.core.Configuration.setDefaultIndexBTreeDegree(degree) method. The default degree is 20.

JUnits for the generic implementation of BTree is in test/org.neodatis.btree.

JUnits for the ODB implementation of BTree is in test/org.neodatis.odb.test.btree.odb

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