How Odb Works

Here, we try to explain how ODB works internally. If you are interested in understanding how things work and helping us to build a better software, you are at the right place!

Subject Description Link
Language and OS NeoDatis ODB runs on the java platform so it runs on almost all OS. The porting to .net is being implemented. -
License NeoDatis ODB is LGPL. This means that you can use it free in any situation LGPL
Where is ODB ODB is hosted at sourceforge sourceforge
Build ODB from the source code Get the source from cvs Download Source Code
ODB OIDs What is an Object ID OIDs
How ODB Stores Objects Here, we explain how insertion, update, select and delete work in ODB how-odb-store-objects
ODB Layers Architecture : The ODB engine use 3 layers of abstraction to manage data odb-layers
ODB File format How & Where ODB write Objects data odb-file-format
Queries How to retrieve Objects queries
Execution Mode Client Server or Local mode ? execution mode
Transactions ODB uses transactions to guarantee database integrity (ACID properties), transaction
Cache ODB uses Cache for many things, cache
Indexes Indexes are implemented using BTrees indexes
Exceptions How ODB manages errors exceptions
Triggers ODB & Triggers triggers
Extended API Some advanced functions extended-api

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