First .Net Port

The first NeoDatis ODB .Net version has been built using a Java to C# converter.

Conversion Result

We already converted entire project to .NET platform with help of Microsoft Java Language Conversion Assistant and of course many modifications were made manually.
Basically for embedded mode Neodatis ODB works almost with all of features that work on Java version. Client/Server mode is not yet tested very well and we intend to do in near future. We work a lot for a better performance and now performance is almost like on Java version but still can be optimized. A working version will be available very soon for download.

Some problems we encountered:

  • sbyte that does not exist in Java in fact byte from Java is equivalent to sbyte from .NET
  • .Net and Java reflection API are very different
  • The way an assembly can load another

Performance Tuning

  • Conversion of sbyte( signed byte ) to byte (unsigned byte)

Things to do:

  • Port the unit tests (Junits) to NUnit or any other unit test framework. We are now using NUnit
  • Test Client/Server mode
  • Find a way to distribute the graphical ODBExplorer to open .Net database (Using IKVM maybe)
  • Refactor the API
    • Change the namespace from org.neodatis.odb to Neodatis.Odb - already done
    • Change the name of methods to be PascalCase (first letter is upper case not like in Java lower case)
    • Use Philips Medical System style recommendation
    • Use FxCop : a tool that check .net assemblies and tell you if code is written correct according with recommendations and also check for performance etc
    • Change Objects interface to implement also IList(Objects : IList,ICollection) -already done
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