Download Source Code

To download the source code, you must configure the access to the sourceforge cvs :

  • host :
  • Repository path : /cvsroot/neodatis-odb
  • Connection type :extssh

What you get from cvs

Directory Description
ant Contains the ant build script
src The ODB engine source code
src-xml The xml import/export code
src-gui The ODBExplorer source code
src-tool Some ODB tools source code
test JUnits
bat a batch to execute the ODBExplorer
doc The documentation
lib some third party libs

How to build from source code?

ODB uses ant ( to build the project. So you must first check if ant is correclty installed on your system.

If so, just go to your ODB/ant directory and execute ant with no task. The binaries will be created in the dist directory:

Jar Size Description
neodatis-odb.jar 501kb The complete ODB
neodatis-odb-rt.jar 401kb same as neodatis-odb.jar, without ODBExplorer
neodatis-odb-rt-lite.jar 317kb The ODB local runtime without ODBExplorer, XML import/export, Client/server mode
neodatis-odb-gui.jar 100kb The ODBExplorer
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