1.9 Zero Bug Campaign

The 1.9 release of the java version of NeoDatis ODB is now in RC4 stage. The final release is coming soon.

But before we put the tag as a final version, we would like to get more feedbacks from the community, running one more test "game", and we are calling this kind of test, a "Community Test". The idea behind "Community Test" is simple, just asking for you to run and analyze Neodatis ODB against your application scenario, your use cases, and if you come across with some bug, report it.

There aren't rules for the tests, the focus is really finding bugs as they popup in your application (if they really exist :))! Trying to spread this idea on the community, the Neodatis is now creating the 'Zero Bug NeoDatis Campaign'. This initiative came after a long talk between NeoDatis and some users that have been making donations for us, so if we receive some money from the "Community", why not invest it back to the Community? And the only focus here, is just to improve more and more the Neodatis ODB.

The goal of the campaign is to incentivize/motivate NeoDatis users to register any 'surviving bugs' of the current release before tagging it as final.

During this campaign, NeoDatis will pay $10 per bug to the first ten registered bugs on Source Forge, but of course, you should register as many as you find.


  • The 1.9 Zero Bug Campaign will start on 03/25/2009 and ends on 04/08/2009.
  • The version to be used is the 1.9 RC4 (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/neodatis-odb/neodatis-odb-1.9-rc4.zip)
  • Bugs must be registered on Source Forge at https://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?func=add&group_id=179124&atid=887885
  • Bugs must be registered with an attached junit test (and any dependent files) that reproduce the problem so that the unit test fails. Bugs registered without the Junit source code or with any compilation problem will be discarded.
  • Bugs must be registered with a valid source forge user so that we can easily contact you
  • Source Forge bug date time will be used to determine the ten first bugs. If it happens to have two bugs with the same date time, the bug id(which is a sequencial number generated by Source Forge) will be used to determine which was registered first.
  • Payments will only be done using PayPal.

NeoDatis will use the money received from user donations to pay this campaign.

Even though we are making this community test, NeoDatis has its own way to test the database using more than 700 JUnits.

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